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Wildmoor Heath School

Curriculum Overview

Our Mission is to provide all our young learners with a solid foundation of values, knowledge and skills so that they feel valued and supported, inspired to achieve their full potential, and fully prepared for secondary school and the wider world. Our curriculum has been chosen to help us achieve this mission.

We have designed our curriculum for all our learners based on a clear intent, a progressive implementation and a measurable impact. Our curriculum is based on Wildmoor Heath School's own six curriculum drivers which specifically meet the needs of the pupils in our school.

Our drivers are:

  • Opportunities
  • Communication
  • Wider community
  • Environment
  • Well being
  • Creativity

To find out more about how we teach individual subjects, please see 'Intent, Implementation and Impact' tab.  If you would like further information about our curriculum please contact our school secretary, Mrs Attfield, on 10344 772034 or email