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Wildmoor Heath Primary School

Zones of Regulation

At Wildmoor Heath, we recognise that feelings are complicated. They come in different sizes, intensities, and levels of energy that are unique within our brains and bodies. The ability to regulate is essential – it gives us the ability to focus our attention, control our emotions and manage our thinking, behaviour and feelings. We are adopting the Zones of Regulation approach, created by Leah Kuypers, to support the children to understand how their bodies and brains feel, while also teaching the strategies to cope with the varying emotions we all feel during the day.

The Zones of Regulation organises our feelings and energy levels into four coloured Zones (Blue, Green, Yellow and Red). We are also allowing a purple zone for times when children do not wish to share but we hope to encourage them to feel safe and secure to talk about, think about and regulate their emotions and feelings.

Below you will find a series of links to provide you with more information about the Zones curriculum. We encourage you to view this and, if you wish, implement this approach at home!

To learn more about the Zones of Regulation curriculum and the author, Leah Kuypers, please view the following websites:

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